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Validation and Engagement

Phone numbers and names are validated automatically the second a lead is generated, ridding you of recycled and fake leads. This, leaving more time for real and high quality leads that engage and close.

Increased Response Time

Leads generated on our software are closing faster and effortlessly. Increasing response time to catch the lead in the perfect moment is key to closing deals. Our software sends a message immediately to the leads, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Immediate Live Call Transfer

Live call triggers are made once the SMS conversation has been initiated. If the lead is responding, our system will connect the user to your sales team with live call transfer.

Conversion Increase

Response time plays an important role in the buyer's journey. Our software ensures immediate response times, catching the user in the middle of the readiness to buy stage. Once connected to your sales team, the lead will be closed.

A lead generation solution that operates with social media and Ai.

Specific to dealerships
Increase conversion using artificial intelligence

  • New Vehicles Inventory
  • Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Brand Growth
  • New Vehicle Sales


Not sure which solution is the right one for your dealership?

Instantly responding to online users with our Ai software ensures you catch leads at the time of interest and readiness to buy. When a lead form is submitted, our software triggers a SMS conversation which leads to a triggered phone call between the online lead and your sales team.

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We are a team of custom coders, graphic designers, data collectors, content writers and creators that have been in the industry for 15+ years. We have learnt the ins and outs of dealerships success and had incredible success building our high converting software. We have perfect the lead nurturing process and put our knowledge straight into our software to do all the work. It works much faster than our team ever could, resulting in astounding results for our clients. Our team is consistently being trained to ensure the best possible office environment and services for our clients.

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