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New Vehicle/Oem Inventory
Ads and Leads

Guide your customers to a vehicle information page on Facebook and increase the online shopping experience. Once they are in, engage with them immediately to keep them interested and nurture them through the buying process, increasing your sales and bringing their experience to the highest level.

Used Vehicle/Oem
Ads and Leads

Facebook and Instagram will show your inventory to online shoppers in actual time before sending them through the lead filtering process and connecting them to our software resulting in an increased closing rate every time.

Subprime Leads

Take your online shoppers to your live inventory. Our team designs custom content and campaigns to suit your monthly specials and your entire inventory, new and used. When they engage with the advertisement, our software will take over and run them through the appropriate filtration process to bring out only the best and highest quality leads.

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Why choose Dealer Social?

Our team has been offering dealership solutions for 15+ years and we have seen it all.

Our Software

Our experience has allowed us to develop our software in the best possible way to ensure great results every time.

Social recognition

We have built an unbeatable presence on both Facebook and Instagram. Our company has been recognized as one of the highest agencies on Facebook, making our social advertising jump before any of the competitors.

24/7 Support

We offer continued 24/7 support to you. Our customers are most important and we do everything to ensure you know that.

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